This article explores why AI is and should be an area of increased corporate focus

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What drives the corporate agenda? The simplest answer is share price, which is largely driven by earnings per share which in turn is driven by revenues and costs. Data Science is increasingly proving to be highly effective at both uplifting revenues and managing costs. Hence the significant focus on data science at the corporate level. The proof is in the pudding:

Twenty-two percent of McKinsey’s The State of AI in 2020 survey respondents say that more than 5 percent of their organizations’ enterprise-wide earnings in 2019 was attributable to their use of AI

Analyzing corporate pivots — Internet, Mobile, Cloud, and AI

The Internet brought down transaction costs, enabled…

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“The lens we chose transforms the way we look at things” — Dewitt Jones

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Increased availability of data, higher computing power, and availability of easily implementable AI frameworks ushered in an era of AI resurgence between the Great Recession and now. …

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